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Nickle and Diming Myself

It wasn’t that long ago that spending money on something tech was often a big ticket item. While today there are still many expensive things to purchase (tablets, smartphones, etc) I’m finding that a decent chunk of my outgoing money is tied up in a bunch of little one-off purchases and subscriptions.

While I have found value in those things I have decided this month to cancel them all and find out which ones actually are necessary and which aren’t. I’m also scaling back on the one-off purchases for a month like ebooks (which I buy often) and such.


The biggest reason why is that I want to focus on my spending habits that are impulse buys and which add up over the course of a month. Many of these things are completely worth the price paid for them but I end up not utilizing the item or reading the ebook until a much later date if at all. I simply get it because it’s something I’m interested in and it’s cheap. What’s $5 dollars here or there right?

Another reason for the change in habits is simply this: without constant new items to keep my attention or distract me, I’m hoping to see a more focused approach to that which I am working on now. Many times I feel I’m running a mile-wide and and inch deep. Gaining perspective on what I should be doing and giving time to work on the things I want to do is a goal hindered by lack of focus.

From Here To There

I’m going to trial run this month and see how things go. See what’s improved and test the idea that I’m somehow missing out on something if I don’t have these subscriptions or items. Hopefully, reducing peripheral clutter will illuminate those things around me that are really important.