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The Inflammatory Need Not Apply

Yesterday I posted an article on something that I think could be improved and/or make a good addition to the Linux distribution world. I however, went about it the wrong way and worded it in a manner that was nothing more than inflammatory.

This, as you would expect, wasn’t well received by some and rightly so. Sometimes it is easy to forget that real people work on open source projects and they have feelings. It’s also easy to forget that open discussion on any topic should be voiced in a manner that invites discussion rather than shutting it down.

Years ago I decided on some simple principles for how I would conduct myself online and I thought I would share them here:

  • Don’t be anonymous - While I can respect a person’s right to be anonymous I personally feel that having my real identity associated with my words and actions is necessary toward my improvement as a person and openness with others. It’s easy to attack or deride others behind a veil of anonymity but becomes much harder when I can be just as easily scrutinized.
  • Don’t Delete - I’ve made it a point to never delete or edit a post I’ve made publicly. If I ever decide to edit something it would be for an addendum to my post and never to remove or conceal something I said. The few times I have removed something it was at the request of another person involved which to my remembrance has only happened twice and wasn’t regarding a personal opinion of mine nor denigrating anyone. What this means is basically there will be stupid things I have said that I regret or would word differently but I’m treating them as though they are spoken words which cannot be uncalled.

I have a new one after yesterday:

  • Be nice - Basically, treat others how I would want to be treated and encourage rather than discourage.

Hopefully, more thought will go into my future discussions and comments and more importantly, transparency as always.